DiPole Materials Begins Manufacturing of Nanofiber Filters for Medical Masks Production

DiPole re-tools its nanofiber production line to address urgent COVID-19 need for medical masks for healthcare and hospital workers

March 27, 2020, Baltimore, MD – DiPole Materials, LLC, an electrospinning company that specializes in custom nanofiber manufacturing to meet a range of industry applications, has started production of filters to help address the urgent need for medical masks and respirators in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. 

DiPole Materials’ nanofiber filters are the type used in N95 respirators, which provide high end protection for the most critical medical needs. DiPole’s scientific team is working with cut and sew shops, makers spaces and engineering companies in Maryland to integrate the DiPole Materials’ filters into their masks to greatly increase the protection provided to healthcare workers and first responders.

DiPole Materials’ team currently is working around the clock making cuts of continuous roll-to-roll production of the filters. This material then gets cut into small, mouth sized squares which are then mounted into medical masks.

“We’re seeing tremendous partnering among manufacturers and maker communities in our region to address the COVID-19 epidemic,” said Ken Malone, Chairman of DiPole Materials. “We’re eager to deploy our electrospinning manufacturing capabilities to join in accelerating production of critically needed medical masks.”

About DiPole Materials:

Dipole Materials is an electrospinning company, based in Baltimore, MD, that specializes in custom nanofiber manufacturing to meet a range of industry applications, including cell culture, tissue engineering, water filtration, technical textiles like piezoelectric yarns, catalysis and more. DiPole Materials’ off-the-shelf product suite includes patented BioPaper technology that serves as a 3D nanofiber-based cell scaffold for 3D cell culture and bioprinting. Learn more:

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Ken Malone
DiPole Materials

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