DiPole Materials & Elmarco Present Free Workshop on Elmarco’s  Nanospider TM  Electrospinning Technology

Electrospinning technology has been around for more than 100 years. Yet with today’s precision engineering capabilities and rapid advances in materials science, we’re in the midst of a new golden age for electrospinning and nanofiber manufacturing. Plus, an array of industry nanofiber needs is creating significant demand for DiPole Materials and Elmarco’s expert capabilities.

With this dynamic, DiPole Materials and Elmarco are delighted to host a free Workshop, Tuesday, October 22, demonstrating first-hand Elmarco’s new Nanospider TM  NS LAB electrospinning product and related equipment.

Our Workshop Agenda:

  • Introduction to DiPole Materials and Elmarco
  • Introduction to Elmarco equipment and scaleup
  • Process optimization procedure on Nanospider TM  technology
  • Live demo of electrospinning processes with polyamide 6 polymer
  • Layer evaluation techniques
  • Intro to Elmarco’s new NS LAB model and optical microscope system

What: Free Workshop on Elmarco’s new NanospiderTM NS LAB equipment
Where: DiPole Materials Lab, 1100 Wicomico St., Suite 600, Baltimore, MD 21230
When: Tuesday, October 22, 10:00am-12:30pm EDT
RSVP: Email Elmarco’s Katerina Rubackova:

We look forward to having you with us!

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