Electrospinning Services

We work with you to create custom nanofiber products. From raw material to
final product, our experts will provide R&D and manufacturing services to make your electrospinning ideas a reality.

Life Science

One of the most widely studied areas of electrospinning is its use in creating scaffolds for cell culture and tissue engineering. While there is a wealth of scientific publications and much reason to believe that nanofibers are key to tissue engineering, the use of electrospun nanofibers in commercial applications have to date been limited. One component limiting the larger adoption of these applications is the availability of GMP manufacturing capacity and an understanding of how to scale-up laboratory procedures for commercial production. That is why we are committed to custom manufacturing of electrospun fibers.

I co-founded a company for harvesting multipotent progenitor cells from tonsillar biopsies

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Technical Textiles

Functional fibers, technical textiles, smart garments: Our clothing will tell us when we are sick, alert us to danger, cool us when we are hot, shield us from harm and so much more. Many of these technologies will need fibers with high surface areas, aligning dipoles or nano-level structuring of materials and electrospinning is a great solution for these.

I invented a process to make piezoelectric fibers by electrospinning. Piezo-fibers generate electricity when they move making them battery free motion detectors.

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Surface Active Materials

Electrospinning creates high surface area to volume ratios needed for most catalyst systems. In some cases, this means electrospinning a commodity polymer and then depositing a catalyst on its surface. In other cases, the catalyst is blended into the polymer solution before electrospinning. Less common, the electrospun polymer is itself a catalyst. Regardless of which method you are using, we’re ready to help.

Much of my career has revolved around the study of surface chemistry dating back to my dissertation on surface reactions in macromolecules.

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Specialty Applications

Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know that matters. Our network reaches into large universities, government labs and heavy industry. If you’ve managed to come up with an application that we aren’t knowledgeable in, we’ll find the perfect person to help out. Whether your goal is to invent a new market or to publish a groundbreaking paper, if it involves nanofibers, we want to help out.

I’ve worked with the worlds largest polymer producers helping them to optimize kinetics through the use of initiator and catalyst systems.

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DiPole Materials: Filter Manufacturing for Medical Masks

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